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Evil bow scanning.

Cheesy story: an aggressive anti-globalist Vulcan goes on a killing spree, because some science people scanned his bow??? I don’t know, but I think this kind of behavior is highly illegal in most countries (meaning killing people, not bow scanning). Anyway, if I ever meet a Vulcan, I sure as hell won’t scan his bow.

The art and animation are very good, though.

Antropomorphic shit...

...but beautifully done, and that's what counts.

Mediocre shit.

Learn to optimize your shit (5MB, come on)... and learn some basic direction skills. I mean, the fight went in the same pace as the conversations, which made the fight as exciting as the dialog (which wasn't to exciting in the first place). Your style reminded me of "To kill an assassin" but with no animation at all, that series was way cooler. To sum it up, awful sound effects (plok, plak), tame music, nippleless tits (in an uncool way), background graphics didn't blend in at all with the drawn graphics... as said before as mediocre as hell.


Nice smooth transition, you nearly gave me a heart attack, bastard.

This is getting weird...

I am giving this 10's until I know what's going on.

fourchinnigan responds:

Alright! Tens forever! ;)


You're kidding. Do I suppose to feel empathy for a worm that falls from a leave. Slim change of that. Maybe if you made the dream sequence better, it looked like a bad defender game. Nice try though, but like your preloader...defect.

Hobbitron responds:

well, if you don't show empathy towards the bug's misfortune, that is on you, not me. i would have liked for people to feel the sorrow or sense of hope from this, but its ok if some people don't.

dream sequence could have been better, i agree with you. but i didn't want to make things to repeatative(spelling?). ah well, sorry not to make your day.

pointy hats and silver beards.

You made Rien Portvliet turn in his grave and that's the only thing worth a few points.

Nice but inefficient

Great graphics and good animation. If it was 500k (what it easily could have been), I gave you a 9. But your lack of technical knowledge and inefficient use of flash takes it down.

Ten for originality

Very nice surreal movie (but then most dream sequences are surreal). I had to find some red/blue 3D glasses, then, and I kid you not, I remembered that I have a pair in the game box of 'Douglas Adams Starship Titanic'. Damn...

This was extremely cool.

If you got the blues, have it this way. Nice ending, didn't see that coming. I liked the dreamy ambiance, you deserve a 50 for style.

Life is good

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